Rodriguez Auto Service Collision Repair Center, locally owned and operated by Leticia Rodriguez.

First job: I worked at F.W. Woolworth downtown. I was 16 years old working at the fountain. My mom, Irene Torres, worked there for 40 years
and she got me the job. I liked seeing all the customers come in. There were a lot of people coming in on their lunch break or just to have
a cup of coffee. I'm a people person, so I loved it. I can't even remember how much I earned, but it was good money for a sophomore in
high school.

Biggest career break: A handshake I received in 1996 from Malcolm Birdsong, the previous owner of this building. He and his wife,
Pamela, were looking to sell the building. At the time, my late husband, Daniel, and I were renting the building next door. I offered him a
price, he counter-offered and we sealed the deal with a handshake. We rented the building until Daniel died in 1998. I then had to decide
whether to buy the building or move to another location. I bought the building.

Business turning point: When I met my banker, Sal Vera, in 1998. He was working for 1st Commerce Bank at the time and I needed a loan
to help buy this building. He helped me get the loan because he believed in me. That faith doesn't come easily. When he went to Laredo
National Bank, my business followed. It meant jumping through hoops to change accounts, but it was worth it. Sal was there for me when I
was starting out.

Business philosophy: The best thing you can offer your customer is honesty. When my customers come in, I tell them exactly what their
vehicle needs and work with them to make sure they don't get anything they don't want. My customers are allowed to come by every day
and see the work that's being done on their vehicle. This is a family business, with my husband, Abel, supporting me, and my son, Daniel
Rodriguez Jr., working here part time. Insurance companies have been training their employees to bully the customer. The customers
need to know they have the power. My employees, whom I would be no one without, don't hide anything from them.

How would you improve Corpus Christi's business climate?: A break from local and state taxes would go a long way. Small businesses don't
rely on corporate money or a weekly paycheck from headquarters. The money they're investing is their own. So when taxes increase, the
burden is huge and that prevents some businesses from expanding. I think if some of the burden was unloaded, you would see more
businesses use that money to grow their operations, opening up more jobs and pumping even more money into the community.
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